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As the exclusive Steelcase dealer in Southeastern Wisconsin, we are unique in that we offer products and services founded in research methodologies that focus on the user and how they really work. We understand how work and workers have changed and how that has changed the workplace. And it’s with these insights that we design and offer the broadest range of architecture, furniture and technology solutions – solutions designed to create great work experiences across all industries – from corporate spaces and start-up offices to healthcare and education spaces.

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The most successful businesses are those that know how to leverage their best resources – their people – and connect them to what they need most; technology, tools and one another. We aren’t in the business of selling furniture. Our job is to help our customers make the crucial connections between their people and the things they need (and want) to do their jobs well.



In order to create dynamic work environments, it’s important to first understand our customers’ unique business issues and uncover ways to help them work better. The result is the creation of workplace “destinations” designed to augment human interaction, support business processes and technology and boost employee performance, engagement and job satisfaction.



We believe that the workplace can truly be transformative, helping companies attract top talent, enhance brand and culture, promote wellbeing and balance collaboration/privacy. Our purpose is to help our customers create amazing places to work; places that help their people engage deeply in what they do, resulting in a healthier organization, happier employees and an improved bottom line.


We are honored to have achieved Steelcase Platinum Partnership – 2015. Each year Steelcase designates a select group of dealers throughout the US and Canada as Platinum Partners, the premier level of dealer in the Steelcase network. This award recognizes a number of benchmarks including organizational growth, customer satisfaction, and community involvement. Thank you Steelcase for this recognition. We hope to continue to raise the bar and deliver the best-in-class Steelcase experience.