Workplace Sales Consultant

Brady Nold

If I wasn’t a Workplace Sales Consultant, I would be:

I would be an extra on the popular TV show called Game of Thrones. I would love to meet the cast of the show and be able to travel to the cool places they get to experience.

Professionally, I am most passionate about:

Developing relationships with new people. To me, life is all about relationships. I like to take advantage of every opportunity that I get to develop new and interesting relationships.

Growing up I wanted to be:

A professional athlete. Like a lot of other kids growing up, this was always a dream of mine. Unfortunately, reality came knocking on my door and this dream didn’t exactly work out. I haven’t completely given up faith yet though.


A recent graduate from St. Norbert College, Brady’s primary focus is on new business acquisition, forming strong relationships with Milwaukee area organizations and helping them discover how the workplace can help them become more efficient, increase productivity and achieve their business goals.