Glenroy Inc., a local, family-owned manufacturer of flexible packaging film, wanted to create a more collaborative, flexible workplace that would allow their team to better serve their customers while also supporting individual needs for privacy, collaboration and well-being.

The challenge was to help Glenroy renovate their space to achieve those goals while optimizing their existing real estate and allowing for future growth. The Forrer team was involved in a significant portion of the design process, working closely with Glenroy staff to understand how they work and identify options to help them achieve their goals.

The solution was to rethink Glenroy’s existing floorplan to create a variety of spaces that allow employees to choose the type of setting they need based on their work mode, style and habits. From collaborative spaces to individual spaces and private spaces, everyone can find a place that works for them.

The new environment emphasizes choice and control, allowing employees to choose from a range of spaces and postures, including sitting, standing and walking, throughout the day. The overall space is reflective of Glenroy’s strong brand and helps employees work better, allowing them to respond quickly and creatively to customer needs.