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We love helping customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Our own changes have had a big impact on the amount of waste we send to the landfill each year, and though we’re proud of the numbers, the best way for us to be green is to help you achieve your sustainability goals; whether it’s sourcing greener products, reducing waste or minimizing energy use, we are committed to supporting your efforts – and that means a brighter future for all of us.

2013 Forrer Recycling Program

We diverted more than 800 cubic yards of waste from the landfill by sending only 5 dumpsters to the landfill. That’s an 80% decrease since 2009, when we sent 24 dumpsters to the landfill. Here’s how we did it:

Recycled Item             Pounds
Metal (Sheet iron, old furniture)   193,400
Cardboard     37,957
Wood   74,560
Office Paper     1,100
EPS – Styrofoam        1,109
Aluminum (can, cast, extracted)        700
Plastic (misc. types)          780
Electronic Waste        500
LDPE – Shrink Wrap        1,040
Fluorescent Ballasts           120
PET Banding           200
Total   311,466

We are also proud to be partners with Steelcase, one of the world’s sustainability leaders. In addition to reducing their own environmental footprint, Steelcase is committed to creating products that are safe and healthy – for people and the environment. In fact, Steelcase has more Cradle to Cradle certified products than any other company globally.