Popular culture sometimes portrays a real, business-world problem with a comedic twist. One of my favorite examples comes from “The Office.” Often at beginning of the show, the characters Jim and Dwight play pranks on one another. One episode, Dwight had stacked his desk on top of Jim’s to create his own standing-height desk. Luckily, in the real business-world, nobody has to steal their coworker’s desk to get a standing height desk (we hope!).

Dwight was onto something with his standing-height desk idea. Research has shown that chronic sitting can be incredibly bad for you. Many recent studies have come to this conclusion, including one that studied 220,000 residents in New South Wales, Australia. The study showed that depending on the amount of time spent sitting, risk of death increased as much as 40 percent. That was enough for me to jump out of my seat. Luckily, I won’t need to steal my co-worker’s desk in order to stand and work.

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How much time do you spend sitting every day? What could you do to get more movement into your day?

Source: Robert Glatter, MD | February 9, 2013 | Why Sitting at Work Increases Your Chances of Dying Sooner | Forbes

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