1NeoCon 2014: Top Honors For Stand-Out Healthcare Solution

North America’s largest design exhibition and conference for commercial interiors – NeoCon – took place in early June. Steelcase Health and its extended designers won honors for the Regard modular system. Learn more and see photos below.

Regard comprises a line of modular seating, casegood elements, space division, power, tables and even planters designed to maximize the experience of transition spaces in healthcare (and education) settings. It earned a Gold award at this year’s tradeshow, for its adaptability in a variety of healthcare spaces, solving for transition times in a patient’s healthcare journey that are typically not productive and simply referred to as “waiting.”

See event photos here and here – and thanks for your interest!


2Medical Technology + Space Collide: NeoCon Q&A with Quantified Care

During the NeoCon 2014 tradeshow, Steelcase Health partnered with a team from Quantified Care to perform Smartphone Physicals as a means to exhibit how space and technology fuse to better support healthcare experiences. After the event, the team reflected on their experiences in Chicago. Take a look at what they had to say, in the Q&A that follows.

Quantified Care helps clinicians and their patients understand and use evidence-based mobile medical apps and devices, with the potential to improve quality of care and lower costs.

Check out the interview with the special team, reflecting on the efforts of Steelcase Health at NeoCon and in the future.


3It’s Time for Change – Taking Care of the Caregiver

As traditional settings and methods evolve, they give way for smarter and more human-centric principles that allow for more efficient, versatile and timely clinician healthcare spaces. Forward-oriented leaders are the ones who will transform early to accomplish new market requirements – knowing that privacy is more than just patients’ health records; it’s about the basic human need for choice and control.

Supporting clinician privacy and care needs leads to:

  • Improved staff satisfaction which contributes to positive culture
  • Few medical errors
  • Better overall patient care and experiences

Read the piece in full.


4Humanize, Empower and Connect: Design for the Human Factor

Space profoundly impacts peoples’ attitudes, actions and the ways we relate to others. When designing healthcare spaces for the human factor, organizations can truly achieve more desirable outcomes and qualitative successes – and people can experience the kind of healthcare journey we all want and deserve.

In the Steelcase Health Time for Change Insights and Applications Guide, 15,000+ hours of observation led to new insights and breakthroughs, evidenced in the portfolio of solutions we offer you today. Move to page 16 of the guide, where focus centers on the heart of the healthcare equation – and how we can humanize, empower and connect for more positive, more powerful results.


5aProduct Spotlight: Regard

By studying the experiences of patients and observing people in more than 60 healthcare waiting rooms, our team of researchers uncovered significant opportunities for improving the places where people wait. Regard was created to solve the challenges of today’s waiting places. A modular system that can be configured in many ways for many applications, it provides the right blend of solutions for a broad array of needs. Regard can help improve people’s healthcare journey and make every moment more meaningful.

Learn more here.

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