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There’s a lot of change taking place right now in the world of healthcare delivery. In addition to managing changes to insurance, patient rights and privacy and payment systems, there’s a growing need to create spaces that promote healing in ways that anticipate ever-evolving facilities and technologies.

Higher-quality healthcare is a big objective all over the world. Administrators, academicians, and legislators have been debating the issue for decades. But discussions driven by medical, budget, and consolidation concerns have usually put healthcare environments in the back seat.

Now healthcare facilities are an important piece of a system stretched to the breaking point. An aging population, rising obesity and related conditions, and dangerous outbreaks of infectious diseases are just a few of many triggers driving the crisis. Especially throughout North America and especially in acute care, changes are coming from every side, and they’re gathering momentum.

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Mayo Monday: Michael Murphy of MASS Design Group

from nuture.com

The key takeaway from Michael’s presentation: “If buildings can make us sick, can they also make us better?” Statistically speaking, hospitals are among the most dangerous places to be in the country. Design can help improve this, with better ventilation and airflow, fewer hallways, even ergonomic signage that is color-coded for illiterate users.

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12 Expert Health IT Predictions  for 2013

from informationweek.com

Better care coordination technology, the explosion of mobile health and the downfall of independent physician practices are just a few of the health IT predictions experts are making for 2013.

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Three Tensions In Medical Innovation To Watch For In 2013

from forbes.com

As we anticipate a new year characterized by unprecedented interest in healthcare innovation, pay particular attention to the following three emerging tensions in the space.

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Supporting the “Next Healthcare”

from healthcaredesignmagazine.com

It’s no secret that healthcare costs in the United States are grossly higher than those of other developed countries and that the current system, by most accounts, has been deemed unsustainable. Looking ahead, Flower says the future of healthcare must be focused on managing incentives and risk, meaning hospitals are going to need to be efficient, effective, and easily accessible.

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Product Highlight – Empath by Nurture

from nurture.com

Empath™, Nuture’s latest recliner, is a crucial step forward in the patient care process ― one developed entirely from real-world insights. Nurture’s team spent more than 2,000 hours observing the relationship between caregivers and patients. We saw how current environments can be enhanced to reduce risks to both patients and caregivers, while increasing physical and emotional connectedness. Empath is designed to reduce the stress and potential for injury all users.

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