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You might not be able to tell by stepping outside, but spring is finally here! Everyone at Forrer is beyond excited for more sunshine, warmer temperatures, leaves on the trees and, of course, BASEBALL season! Not to mention, we’re looking forward to some exciting projects we’ll be embarking on this summer as well as NEOCON in June! We hope you have as much to look forward to as we do! Read on for the latest news, tips, products and ideas for making your workplace a more efficient, comfortable and happier place to spend your day!


Six Ways to Attract Top Talent

from Inc.com

Even in today’s economy, the most talented workers have plenty of choices. Here’s how to make sure they join you, not the competition.

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The Beginning of the End of the 9-5 Workday?

from Time.com

The traditional eight-hour workday may soon be the exception rather than the rule. New evidence shows that we’re reaching a tipping point in terms of workplace flexibility, with businesses seeing the wisdom of allowing employees — young ones especially — to work odd hours, telecommute and otherwise tweak the usual 9-to-5 grind.

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Walking at Work Could Reverse Obesity Trend

from the Vancouversun.com

Dr. James Levine does an awful lot of thinking about why we’re getting fat. He’s been studying it for decades in his capacity as a researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and now as a professor with both the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University.

Levine blames the combination of the modern office cube-farm and processed food for a generation of overweight humans. The late-20th century culmination of two commercial developments — desk jobs that limit physical activity to typing on a computer keyboard and mass production of cheap, sugary, salty food — have created our weight problem.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Office

from myturnstone.com

If you’re like us… you probably spend a good chunk of the day in your office. And if you’re like us… you hate working in a messy, dusty, dirty space!

OK, so even if you don’t mind a little mess, dust, and dirt, a good spring cleaning might just bring new life to your office space and facilitate even more productivity on your part!

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30 Smart Time Management Tips

from usnews.com

Yes, yes, yes, you are very busy. That’s why you meet deadlines at the last minute. Or after. That’s why you cruise into meetings 15 minutes late. It’s why you forget details or schedule two tasks for the same time or have 500 unanswered emails in your inbox. It’s why you can never take a vacation, or even a full weekend off. Or is it? Maybe poor time management is simply a bad habit.

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Active Learning Spaces Event

On March 6, 2013, we hosted Dr. Lennie Scott-Webber, Director of Education Environments for Steelcase, Inc., for a learning symposium on “Active Learning Spaces.”

The event was attended by more than 60 Milwaukee-area school leaders, teachers, corporate learning directors and facilities professionals. In addition to the keynote by Dr. Scott-Webber, the symposium featured an active learning breakout session as well as a panel discussion featuring local experts in the field of education.

If you were unable to attend the event and/or would like to learn more about what was covered, visit our Active Learning Spaces Mini-Site, which features links, resources and a discussion forum.

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How Place Fosters Innovation

Today nearly everyone agrees that innovation is the only way to supercharge an organization and shift it to growth. The ability to see new opportunities and harness resources to pursue them is a fundamental advantage for any organization, from super corporations to start-ups. The right places can help make it happen.

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Hosu by Coalesse

Talk about alternative work postures! As mobile, wireless devices become more integrated in the workplace, work itself has begun to spill over into home life. People are working on their commute, in restaurants, at the kitchen table and even…in bed?!

This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses the upward trend toward working at home and examines a series of products created to help make mobile work more comfortable.

One of those products is the Hosu Work Lounge by Coalesse. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this unique work lounge creates a comfortable personal space to get things done in a relaxed, informal posture. The design of the lounge allows it to work just as well at home as it does in a creative office, a university setting or a hotel room.

Learn more about Hosu.


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  • Humans are the only primates that don’t have pigment in the palms of their hands
  • The only animal with four knees is the elephant
  • The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth
  • Flamingos always walk on their toes

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