media:scape test drive

Most collaborative work spaces today support leader-led presentations where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time. media:scape removes these barriers and democratizes how people access and share information by allowing all participants to contribute their ideas – equally, quickly and seamlessly. Sign up for the test drive.


media:scape mini test drive

Most meeting spaces support presentations or conversations, but few support the dynamic sharing of information required to enable team collaboration. Your meeting spaces can be transformed through the addition of media:scape mini – allowing team members to contribute ideas quickly and seamlessly. Sign up for the test drive.



media:scape mobile test drive

media:scape mobile is a new addition to the media:scape family, bringing collaboration wherever you need it. The mobile unit allows users to apply media:scape in a diverse range of settings, wherever collaboration might occur. Easily connect up to four people on a single monitor all while being easily moveable to make any space dynamic. Sign up for the test drive.



node test drive

With the Makeover Your Classroom program from Forrer and Steelcase, you can try node for three weeks for free! Call us and we’ll bring 25 node chairs to your campus and “makeover” a classroom. If you don’t love node, no worries. We’ll pick up the chairs three weeks later and never look back. But if node has won your heart (and we think it will), we’ll give you a free node chair for every 25 you buy.  Sign up for the test drive here.


Verb test drive

Verb tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work. Unique shapes promote interaction, while a variety of sizes allow Verb to work in any classroom. Sign up for the test drive here.



Eno test drive

PolyVision, part of the Steelcase family of brands, presents ēno classic is the first and only environmentally certified interactive whiteboard to combine the simplicity and ease of a traditional markerboard with high-performance interactivity—without cords, cables or costly installation. Sign up for the test drive here.