Increase employee wellbeing

RedPrairie Corporation, a leading global supply chain and retail technology provider, began work in 2011 to renovate their Waukesha, Wisconsin facility. Working closely with Eppstein Uhen Architects, Forrer helped RedPrairie create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation in their highly creative workforce.

RedPrairie’s new office space is open and inviting, allowing workers to “see and be seen” and encouraging communication between departments and teams. A series of casual meeting areas interspersed throughout the open office support planned and spontaneous collaboration, while more private “phone booths” create an environment for small meetings or heads-down work without building barriers.

And because employee wellness is a priority for RedPrairie, height-adjustable work surfaces and ergonomic seating options were incorporated in the open workstations, to allow for flexibility and adjustability for each individual employee.

The new RedPrairie facility successfully accommodates many different work modes, inspires innovation and supports individual work styles and wellbeing, resulting in a truly productive and collaborative work environment.