Build brand and culture.

Sartori Foods, a fourth-generation family owned and operated company headquartered in Plymouth, Wisconsin, has worked hard to become a pioneer in their industry. An award-winner crafter of artisan cheeses, Sartori had created a beautiful, professional tasting kitchen to host their customers, prospective partners, vendors and friends in style.

But they soon realized that their new professional kitchen was incongruent with their contingent office space, which customers and guests passed through en route to the kitchen. The space was typical of most offices of the 90’s, with 80” high panel walls, neutral colors, limited collaboration – essentially, a maze of cubicles. Sartori recognized that it was crucially important that their entire space, not just their kitchen, accurately reflect their culture and the quality of their brand. The challenge was to find a way to tell their story while adhering to a strict budget and schedule.

Forrer designers worked closely with Sartori’s management to first understand the aesthetic feel and functional requirements of their office space, as well as the needs of individual employees. By learning about the company’s people, processes and objectives, the Forrer team was able to successfully express the company spirit and culture through collaborative work settings that foster innovation and allow employees to truly live the Sartori brand. The new space is open and inviting, with lower panels and workstations designed to support team interaction. Versatile meeting spaces support all types of collaboration, and ergonomic work tools help make employees more comfortable and productive. High-end finishes and modern touches like glass lend a distinguished look. Now, Sartori’s space is a reflection of the family company’s brand: welcoming, sophisticated and committed to quality in all they do.