With the delivery of healthcare becoming an increasingly complicated process, patients and caregivers are often unable to do the one thing that could help the most—connect. Pocket™ can help. Pocket is a highly maneuverable, smooth-gliding worksurface that occupies a footprint no larger than a person. Click here to learn more.






The rigorous demands of the clinical environment require a product that is designed to withstand the trials of daily use. Relay provides a smart solution that moves and operates with a single handle touch point, eliminating the need for adjusting the keyboard and monitor separately, resulting in one continuous motion. This allows the caregiver to focus on what’s most important – their patient.  Click here to learn more.





The design approach to Sync focused entirely on the user.  Sync offers an innovative solution to the caregiver station.  In clinical settings, a proper workspace is rarely available where and when it’s needed. Caregivers often resort to any available surface. Sync™ provides a better solution. It supports caregivers in action and greatly improves workflow so that the overall quality of care improves.  Click here to learn more.





Our innovative Aspekt™ series suits a range of a public seating needs. Its clean, minimal aesthetic helps reduce visual clutter, and wave-shaped arms and back contours are supported by steel frames for lightweight strength. Available with either convex or concave back shape, Aspekt serves as an individual solution or, when combined, creates a unique wavelike profile.  Click here to learn more.





Mitra® seating brings together the perfect combination of strength and beauty with slim, steam-bent curves and structural steel inner frames. The extensive Mitra family is available as a single chair, two- and three-seat module, bariatric and a high-back patient chair, lounge seating, recliner and table.  Click here to learn more.






The flexible, comfortable and clean design of the Sieste family of seating is at home in just about any healthcare setting.  Click here to learn more.







Empath™, our latest recliner, is a crucial step forward in the patient care process ― one developed entirely from real-world insights. Our team spent more than 2,000 hours observing the relationship between caregivers and patients. We saw how current environments can be enhanced to reduce risks to both patients and caregivers, while increasing physical and emotional connectedness. Empath is designed to reduce the stress and potential for injury all users.  Click here to learn more.





At Nurture, we observed how families gather, share and create community space in waiting room environments.  We discovered they often have to overcome a lineup of chairs, located along the perimeter wall, which discourages meaningful connection.  The Neighbor collection offers chairs, tables and couches that foster connection.  Click here to learn more.






Folio delivers progressive, modular components for hardworking environments.  Whether renovating an existing space or undertaking a new construction project, Folio is faster to specify, order and install. And easier to modify and move when change is required.  Click here to learn more.





Opus Overbed

Our Opus series combines the benefits of traditional freestanding casegoods with the flexibility of modular furniture. Now, individual components can combine to create configurations specific to their environment, making it possible to have a consistent, unified aesthetic throughout the facility.  Click here to learn more.