Fifth annual grant program provides 12 schools and universities new classrooms to improve student engagement

Milwaukee, WI, March 28, 2019 – Forrer Business Interiors is excited to announce Pathways High of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been awarded an active learning classroom through Steelcase’s Active Learning Center (ALC) program.

Traditional classrooms are outdated. Immovable desks and chairs aligned neatly in rows lend themselves to rote memorization, not the variety of teaching strategies most educators use today. With the installation of a classroom valued at $67,000, Pathways High will positively impact teaching and support pedagogies for students eager to return to classes.

Beginning summer 2019 and ready by the fall, this Steelcase Education learning environment will be installed at Pathways by Forrer Business Interiors, Milwaukee’s exclusive Steelcase dealer. With a variety of flexible furniture choices, the Active Classroom invites students and instructors to adjust the environment to suit the flow of learning throughout a class period, enabling optimal conversation and collaboration.

“Pathways was chosen because of a demonstrated commitment to active learning,” said Craig Wilson, Steelcase Education director of market development.  “Research shows that space impacts behavior, and these classrooms will help a new group of teachers and students explore the learning possibilities an interactive space can bring.”

In addition to receiving a new classroom, Pathways will receive training from Steelcase and Forrer on how to use their new spaces and will have the opportunity to share insights and best practices with all awarded schools. Over the two-year program, Steelcase Education and Pathways will partner together to conduct assessments and research on the impact of the newly designed space.

12 schools, colleges and universities were chosen for their distinguishing approaches to active learning and for their commitment to foster student success both in the classroom and beyond. For more information on the recipients, visit the Steelcase Education website.

About Steelcase & Forrer Education

As lifelong learners, Steelcase & Forrer Education aims to make a difference in education. For students, educators and designers, we aim to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning spaces. As a dedicated group within Steelcase (Grand Rapids, MI) and Forrer (Milwaukee, WI) exclusively focused on education, it brings evidence-based design, technology and innovative solutions to education environments, wherever learning happens.

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