InSinkErator’s New HQ

If you have a garbage disposal at home, odds are you have an InSinkErator one. That’s because for the last 80 years, Insinkerator has dominated the market both nationally and globally with creating and manufacturing state-of-the-art food waste disposals. Insinkerator was founded in Racine, Wisconsin by John W. Hammes who also invented the garbage disposal. The company isn’t just limiting itself to food-waste disposals as it also has products that convert food waste into renewable energy, turns food waste into compostable material and they also have hot-water dispenser systems. Insinkerator is now owned by the Emerson Electric.

Like most companies of age and growth, their buildings become dated, have a hard time keeping up with the present and become inefficient. Insinkerator’s past headquarters was in building about 10 minutes east of it’s current home in Racine, WI.

Insinkerator’s mission was to create a workplace that promoted radical collaboration and innovation. Radical collaboration in simple terms, means that we all work in multidisciplinary teams and that we explore ideas, insights, and concepts fearlessly as equal team members. It’s an essential work process and interaction that fuels growth especially for a company the size of Insinkerator. The new facility cultivates growth and responsiveness with the numerous collaborative areas that bring different departments together to spark ideation and solve problems. The facility was also designed to give employees “choice and control” on where and how they work. Take your laptop to the work café, private focus room, or Brody Worklounge to get work done. In terms of technology, Insinkerator was sure to make the new building “smart”. Reserve a conference room, focus room or training room. AV technology enables video push-n-play conferencing and screen sharing. The project is LEED certified.

Insinkerator has set the stage for many of the companies that are moving to the area. Not only will the building and work environment attract top talent, it serves as an example of Insinkerator’s true innovation, a standard the company has presented for over 80 years.

Architect: Fox Architects

Check out the Insinkerator HQ video story below. Photos available here.

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