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School Security Solution – Classroom Door Barrier

Solutions for school security is a top priority for educational institutions everywhere. That’s why teachers, district administrators and education leaders are asking for more security solutions that create safer environments and protect students and faculty from the unexpected. Whether it’s a tornado warning, an unwanted visitor, or some other reason that warrants a lock-down, finding a security solution is critical for the wellbeing of those in the building. Fortunately, there are more and more companies that are understanding this increasing concern for safety and therefore are developing innovative products that act as safe-guards against unplanned dangerous events. One of these innovative companies is EverWhite and manufactures high-quality products right here in Wisconsin for the sole purpose of creating safer schools and increasing school security and safety.

EverWhite (a company that creates lifetime guaranteed whiteboards) recently launched an award-winning product that prevents unwanted visitors from entering classrooms. The system is called Ballistic Door Barrier. Ballistic Door Barrier is a 545 pound ballistic resistant blockade that can easily be moved into place and secured with its locking casters in seconds. As you’d expect from a whiteboard company, the unit incorporates a whiteboard, making it a fully functional mobile whiteboard system. The Ballistic Door Barrier rolls effortlessly on 5-inch, lockable swivel casters that can be locked once deployed into position. Tipping or pushing the unit is not an option for intruders.

teacher moving barricade pro into position - school security solution

There are other gadgets, tools and products on the market today that can do similar jobs, the issue is that many of those products don’t pass state egress codes for issues such as wheelchair-bound student’s not being able to exit due to a lock or a latch.

Similar to the Door Barrier, the company also makes ballistic resistance mobile whiteboards called MOBILE-Guard. This system doesn’t block entry points but instead can block a large amount of space such as a long window. It creates a barrier from exposed or weak areas such as doorways or windows, shielding students and faculty. There are other ballistic whiteboards options on the market today but they do not have the “shelter-in-place” capabilities which allow you to fully integrate one whiteboard to the next with its patented connection system.

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