West Elm Work Collection
Milwaukee, WI

west elm work milwaukee - collection showing a lounge setting similar to the one in our showroom

Introducing the West Elm Work Collection – a portfolio of co-developed products inspired by residential design and made to withstand the wear and tear of the office.

Companies from coast to coast are incorporating a more residential vibe within their office or work environment to bring a sense of relaxation and home feel. This on going need has created a fantastic relationship between Steelcase and west elm. The two have team up to offer an initial suite of products designed to help create inspiring, high-performance places where people love to work. Forrer is currently the exclusive Milwaukee west elm Work Collection dealer. Furthermore, this collection combines the distinctive look and feel of west elm with Steelcase’s research, engineering, operational capabilities and dealer network – creating a compelling portfolio for clients and the design community.

“Workers today want inspiring places to do their best work, and we believe the west elm Work Collection will help them to do just that,” says Brian Shapland, general manager of ancillary partnerships, Steelcase.

“Our close connection to our customers gives us a unique set of insights about what people are seeking at work and how those needs change over time,” says Cheryl Carpenter, vice president at west elm. “All of this background and ongoing access to how people’s desires are changing comes with us as we collaborate with Steelcase to offer the new west elm Work Collection, which is designed exclusively for this partnership to meet the needs and quality standards of the workplace.”

west elm Work Lucas Swivel Chair a streamlined look, while a wide seat and reclined pitch make it a comfortable spot to sit during impromptu meetings. Additionally, this ongoing partnership enables the continuous design, manufacturing and distribution of new workplace solutions that complements an already extensive and diverse portfolio of Steelcase product. More importantly, it widens the product selection for our customers giving them a larger variety of of high quality products with a fantastic warranty we proudly stand-by.

We already have a handful of west elm Work Collection items in our Milwaukee showroom, with more on the way.

Explore the new west elm Work Collection here or visit our showroom in Milwaukee, WI.


west elm work milwaukee - collection showing a lounge setting

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