Warehouse RacksGet the most out of your resources.

Furniture not currently in use not only takes up space in your facility; it’s also expensive to store and can be difficult to manage.

Our asset management program helps our customers get the most out of their existing furniture resources and reduce overall life-cycle costs while eliminating the stress of managing and storing excess furniture and components.

In addition to storing excess furniture we offer a tracking system that codes and files all your assets in an online database, which you can access from anywhere, anytime. Our full-time, highly-trained technicians use state-of-the-art bar coding and report writing software to identify and organize your furniture assets by noting the manufacturer, size, finish, quality and condition of each item. This data is compiled and stored in a proprietary software program that allows you to access your inventory online using Ensync, a real-time web based program. Using Ensync, you can manage your inventory off-site by developing custom reports to sort your assets by a variety of criteria, reorganizing your inventories, obtaining products from stock, or creating work orders for upcoming projects.

We can also provide a broad range of inventory management services including furniture cleaning, refurbishing and repair as well as liquidation and brokering of existing product.

Program Benefits

  • Better understand your furniture assets and their value
  • Save money by reusing existing assets rather than buying new when needs arise
  • Reduce labor, storage costs and real estate footprint for surplus assets
  • Access to up-to-date information on assets
  • Protect assets in a climate-controlled warehouse
  • Accurately track inventory detail and condition with bar code system
  • Customized web site available 24/7 complete with product photos and shopping cart functionality for inventory pulls
  • Accommodate long or short-term storage needs
  • Delivery or shipping to multiple locations